Thanks to the personal advice from Oliveda, I bought the recommended products! I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. Too often I had been disappointed by such hyped products. On just the third day after taking The Beauty Molecule, I felt an improvement in my skin and my connective tissue. The skin looked much more hydrated; the connective tissue seemed firmer. My mother noticed this too, which is why she jumped right on it. After a week of using the product, I had no time to completely restore myself. I hadn‘t left home without makeup for years. I do not have classic problem skin, but now that I am 38 years old, there are a few minor wrinkles, pigment disorders that run in the family, and patches of redness. I didn‘t feel uncomfortable. Rather a bit naked. When I actually went shopping for mascara and my Oliveda care on that day, something unbelievable happened. I was not spoken to just once or twice by acquaintances, but also by my favorite pharmacist and cashier from the supermarket – all three times in one day. I was asked if I was pregnant or in love because I would shine and look so healthy. Three times by three completely independent people and times. What can I say? I‘m not pregnant, and I‘m not in love. Except now with my skin! Since that day I don‘t wear any makeup. I feel more comfortable. Lighter. Fresher. More beautiful! I really cannot thank Oliveda enough! This is not flattery! I am so absolutely convinced and happy and finally feel comfortable in my skin again! Thank you so much that I can be myself again!

(Dr. Julia W.)

Last day!! I have been testing the beauty shot I70 The Beauty Molecule by Oliveda for 2 weeks now. I didn‘t notice much during the first 9 days. Six weeks are recommended so I was relaxed and sipped my little delicious shot every morning. In the past few days I‘ve noticed that my skin is changing! That sounds contradictory now, but it looks more relaxed. About like pouring water into a dry flowerpot, and the earth starts to loosen and relax! Freshly poured earth radiates such a special relaxation and tranquility! Do you think so too? I feel like I‘m pouring my skin – I can‘t describe it better! Now, I have a new Oliveda favorite in addition to my facial care!


I bought “The Beauty Molecule” in the Berlin store and have been using it for two weeks. And what can I say? My skin looks super radiant, and I have the feeling that it is already completely moisturized – after two weeks. I‘m excited! Every morning the little shot is my highlight, and I have the feeling that I can‘t do without it anymore. Especially great in combination with the other Oliveda products like the serum and the beauty oil. Thanks, Oliveda! 


I am an enthusiastic user of The Beauty Molecule I70! I am thrilled with the effect. I am 75 years old. Care is very important to me. But since I started using this product, my lip wrinkles and the deeper lines around my chin have diminished. My skin complexion on the body has also improved a lot. At the beginning, I only wanted to try the product out of curiosity, because I also use other products from your company, but that‘s the best thing, I would not have believed it. Nothing works without me!!

(Ingrid B.)

My experience with Oliveda I70 hyaluronic is exceptional. I have been taking it for about 4 weeks now and already have remarkably beautiful skin in this short time. Due to great professional and private stress, my skin was gray and pale. Now, it literally shines because it has received the nutrients that are so urgently needed. My neighbor asked if I had done a fresh cell cure – the result is so clearly visible to others. I am very grateful and do not want to be without Oliveda I70 anymore. It is also delicious and easy to take. Just wow. Girls, forget the surgeon, the Oliveda I70 drink is definitely more effective and, above all, more gentle.


My experience with the new Beauty Molecule is simply incredible. I have barely taken a bottle so far, and now I feel like a new person. I have more energy and great clear skin. Look a lot fresher. The first small wrinkles have disappeared. Even my always fat and very tired looking eyes are gone. I just feel like a new person. Thanks a million for this great product. I do not want to ever be without it.


I‘ve been a big fan of The Beauty Fountain for months. I would not have thought such an extreme change in the complexion possible. Now I take a shot of the delicious Beauty Molecule every morning and look totally amazed in the mirror ... I am 50 years old and I always get compliments for my beautiful, plump, almost wrinkle-free skin!


I‘ve been testing the I70 The Beauty Molecule by Oliveda for a week now. My cure lasts a total of 4 weeks, and I‘m already looking forward to the results. For the best possible results and the maximum increase in the hyaluronic acid content, each Beauty Shot (17.5 ml in the measuring cup supplied) contains at least 6.3 mg hydroxytyrosol for ideal protection against oxidative stress (a study by Esfa states that a daily intake of 5.3 mg of hydroxytyrosol provides perfect protection of the cells against oxidative stress) and an incredible 200 mg of hyaluronic. For optimal results, this 200 mg hyaluronic shot is divided into 50% high molecular and low molecular hyaluronic. The result of the intake is radiant, fresh, firm and youthful skin that thanks the Oliveda Beauty Plump Effect. Oliveda - for beauty that comes from the inside and shines outwards. 


Incidentally, I70 tastes so good! Black currant, turmeric, lavender, camu camu and olive with hyaluronic acid and hydroxyrosol! For a month now, I have taken one shot a day and tell you how this changes my skin. I70 The Beauty Molecule is said to bring about radiant, fresh and youthful skin. The hyaluronic acid is particularly important for the connective tissue and ensures soft and smooth skin!


For about a week now I have been drinking my I70 Beauty Shot from Oliveda every day. I actually wanted to wait at least two weeks before I said anything about it, but yesterday I noticed a positive change that I would never have expected in life. Just a quick reminder, with its valuable ingredients, the drink promises beauty that shines from the inside out. But it can do more. I have had psoriasis since childhood. Thank goodness only in small places - on the elbows and knees. It never really bothered me. The dermatologists have never been able to prescribe anything that worked for me. After only one week of 17.5 ml of I70 The Beauty Molecule from Oliveda every day, psoriasis subsided, and I can literally watch it diminish day by day. I am thrilled and will now keep observing this. It would be wonderful if it could be shown to help psoriasis patients, maybe it is because of the olive tree extracts. I don‘t know if it‘s related, but I‘m going to investigate. 


I love I70 The Beauty Molecule! It not only tastes insanely good, but also quickly shows its potency. It is not just a juice cure with the promise of bringing up beauty from within. No! The „new“ was very quickly incorporated into my morning routine. I look forward to my beauty shot every morning. Unfortunately, after taking the birth control pill, I keep suffering from bumps, blemishes, pale and large-pored skin. After two weeks of using the Beauty Molecule daily, an improvement is clearly visible. In particular, my hair and fingernails appear strengthened and shine with my skin. My face is moisturized and wonderfully soft. I am an absolute fan.


The Beauty Molecule I70 from Oliveda is now part of my daily routine. For the beauty that comes from within, I now drink a shot of it every day. A true beauty booster with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid for a radiant complexion. And 100% vegan.


I have been drinking Oliveda Beauty Fountain for weeks – and now I have been drinking the „new“ I70 The Beauty Molecule for 1-2 weeks. It tastes great, and my skin is plumper, more radiant. I’m in my 40s and now have small wrinkles to fill in. I‘m so excited about the long-term effects. 


I switched my entire care line to Oliveda because I am absolutely convinced about it. I start and end the day with my Oliveda routine: mouth pulling oil, Beauty Fountain & Molecule, facial serum & oil plus eye cream. For wounds and scars, I use the SOS gel, and now I have ordered the tonic and the sample body oils. Even my mom and mother-in-law are covered with Oliveda for Christmas. I only say: love love love! 


I ordered a bottle of “The Beauty Molecule” right at the launch and, like “The Beauty Fountain,” I am totally enthusiastic. In short, „The Beauty Molecule“ tastes delicious. It is a pity that you should not consume more than 17.5 ml per day. Since I started using it, my skin feels softer and well cared for and not as dry as before. I am curious to see how taking the product will continue to have a positive impact.

(Christoph K.)

I‘ve been testing The Beauty Molecule by Oliveda for almost two weeks now. I have to say that despite the initial slight skepticism, I really like the product! After people in my life asked me about my fresh appearance, I paid more attention to it. I feel like I don‘t look so tired when I look in the mirror. The small wrinkles around my eyes appear softened. A great result for such a short time! I also like the taste of the product. A big plus for me personally. It makes it easy for me to think about drinking my The Beauty Molecule every day.


I tested the 4-week beauty cure with the drink from Oliveda, and I have to honestly say I‘m thrilled! I will definitely take the cure again! My complexion has improved, and my hair shines so beautifully again. Before the cure, my hair also fell so stringy, and I didn‘t know what else to do. Most of all, I noticed it on my fingernails. They have become so long. I have never had such beautiful long fingernails!