Oliveda for Afrika

What do Olive Tree have to do with well digging in Africa?

Because even the industrialized nations of Africa still must quite literally “dig for water”, OLIVEDA launched a project in Senegal in 2013, to dig 2 wells for the villages of Mhaba and Pellew, (50 miles outside of the Capitol of Dakar): one reaching a depth of 114 feet., and the other down to a depth of 262 feet. Founder and CEO of OLIVEDA, Thomas Lommel, was the first to break ground on both wells; one that was dug out by hand, and the other which was drilled.

In the years to come, for each newly invested acre of land used to cultivate our olive trees, we will invest in the excavation of a new well for a village in Senegal. According to our forecasts, we will soon be able to provide up to 50 additional wells, thus supplying 25,000 individuals with clean drinking water through projects with locally implemented Planning Director’s.

The soul-purpose of OLIVEDA should be to contribute something special to our society. The Olive Tree Society was founded with this in mind and, like the olive tree itself, is a symbol of life, peace, and mutual respect.