Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods:

  • PayPal (direct debit, credit card)
  • Prepayment bank transfer

Notes on Delivery and Shipping Costs

Germany and EU

Shipping within Germany and the EU is fulfilled by DHL & UPS - our exclusive logistics partners.

Standard Delivery time
Germany No shipping costs* 2-3 business days

Shipping to other countries

The shipping costs for deliveries to other EU countries are stated in the following overview of shipping costs. 

The cost for delivery includes actual delivery, shipping, and export charges. The import charges and taxes are not included in delivery or export charges.

Standard Delivery Time
Asia 39,90 EUR 14-18 business days
Austria 14,90 EUR*** 3-4 business days
Australia 49,90 EUR 14-18 business days
Belgium 16,90 EUR**** 3-4 business days
Bosnia-Herzegovina 14,90 EUR*** 7-10 business days
Bulgaria 14,90 EUR*** 7-10 business days
Croatia 14,90 EUR*** 7-10 business days
Czech Republic 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Denmark 14,90 EUR*** 3-5 business days
Estonia 14,90 EUR*** 7-10 business days
Finland 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
France 14,90 EUR*** 3-5 business days
Greece 14,90 EUR*** 7-10 business days
Hungary 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Iceland 14,90 EUR*** 7-10 business days
Ireland 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Italy 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Latvia 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Lithuania 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Luxembourg 16,90 EUR**** 3-4 business days
Malta 12,50 EUR** 7-10 business days
Netherlands 14,90 EUR*** 2-3 business days
New Zeeland 49,90 EUR 14-18 business days
Norway 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Poland 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Portugal 14,90 EUR*** 3-5 business days
Romania 12,50 EUR** 5-7 business days
Russia 29,90 EUR 7-10 business days
Slowakia 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Slowenia 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Spain 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Sweden 14,90 EUR*** 5-7 business days
Switzerland 14,90 EUR*** 5-10 business days
Turkey 29,90 EUR 7-10 business days
Ukraine 14,90 EUR*** 7-10 business days
United Kingdom 14,90 EUR*** 3-5 business days
United Arab Emirates 39,90 EUR 14-18 business days
USA 39,90 EUR 10-14 business days
*from an order value of  29,00 EUR, otherwise 5,95 EUR
**from an order value of 50,00 EUR, otherwise 12,50 EUR.
***from an order value of 150,00 EUR, otherwise 14,90 EUR.
****from an order value of 150,00 EUR, otherwise 16,90 EUR.


Delivery terms

The products ordered by the customer will be delivered to the address specified by the customer in the order form.

Delay in delivery

Should a delivery be delayed, the customer is required to inform OLIVEDA customer service as soon as possible by email (bestellung@oliveda.com) or contact form. We will then contact the shipping service to initiate a search. Research can take some time, but we attempt to resolve all delivery issues within 2 weeks of becoming aware of the delay.

Once the customer has received the package, he must check the content for accuracy. Any discrepancies (incompleteness, product damage, defective packaging, etc.) must be immediately reported to OLIVEDA Customer Service by the customer at bestellung@oliveda.com.

Delivery status

We process your orders from Monday through Friday in the order in which they are received.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please send us an e-mail to: bestellung@oliveda.comor use our contact form. We're here to help.

Abänderung der Bestellung

If you wish to change an order you have already placed, please send an e-mail with the subject "Order Change" to our customer service to bestellung@oliveda.com.

In order to process your request, we also need your order number. We will do our best to honor your change request.


If a product is missing in your delivery, a product is damaged, or your order is not correct for another reason, please contact our customer service immediately at bestellung@oliveda.com. We will process your request as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the cart is not empty.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.
* All prices inclusive legal TAX plus shipping costs