"I‘ve become a huge fan of your Beauty Fountain, and she‘s part of my morning ritual :) That it tastes great is a huge plus, but more importantly, your ingredients - especially the awesome hydroxytyrosol - just kind of work wonders! I‘ve had two years of dry and flaky skin on my shins (no matter what time of the year), and since I‘ve been drinking the Beauty Fountain, it‘s just gone! Not a single body lotion tried over several years has done that, and I actually had resigned myself to the fact that it would stay that way forever, but The Beauty Fountain worked! I found your description of the Beauty Fountain especially exciting, because it does so much good for the skin. I can confirm it – the skin on my face has become a lot softer as well as getting finer-pored! It just feels a lot fresher, and since I feel better, of course, I also radiate much better :) The Beauty Fountain not only helps superficially but also makes you shine from the inside! Thanks for the great product and this real enrichment in everyday life!"


"I had my first Beauty Fountain 2 months ago. I had a phase that really depressed me because I was very concerned about my skin – pimples on my face and back, cellulite on my legs and butt very bad. As a result, I was in a really bad mood and unmotivated to go out or even to do sports. I also lacked the strength. After just the first week with Beauty Fountain, I noticed that I shined much more! The pimples were still there, but that did not matter so much to me. I felt like I was drinking a superdrink and got great powers. Haha. I know it sounds silly, but after the first month, my skin has improved so much, my cellulite is almost gone! I could swear on the product. It is amazing! I bought myself the Beauty Fountain 2 weeks ago and am glad that I discovered it. It gives me energy, and I feel much more comfortable in my skin and also pure :) It is also cool to take this superdrink from the fridge each morning and start the day much fitter!"

(Olivia T.)

"I have used the Beauty Fountain for 3 months and am thrilled. My thinning eyebrows and eyelashes have regained more fullness, and the fingernails have become noticeably firmer. Above all, the collagen drink had a positive effect on my knee joints, which no longer hurt after exercise and have become more resilient. I definitely recommend the Beauty Fountain, and I hope that this product will continue to be offered by Oliveda."

(Sabine K.)

"So far, I am very satisfied with my first Beauty Fountain. The taste is very pleasant and gives me a little energy boost in the morning. My skin has noticeably improved after just a short time. I will certainly buy more bottles to do the 3-month cure."

(Stefanie B.)

"At the beginning I was very skeptical about the Beauty Fountain- a „drink“ that would make me radiate. Nevertheless, I gave it a chance and am completely excited! The taste is really good and a „shot“ a day is great to integrate into everyday life. The best thing about it all; however, is the effect of the Beauty Fountain itself - my skin shines, looks fresher, and even friends have mentioned the positive impact. Great product, and everyone should take it! You will only benefit from it :-)"

 (Linda M.)

"After 4 weeks with Beauty Fountain, the dark eyes have disappeared! In addition, the skin on my face is much smoother and less irritated. It looks even and healthy. Every morning, I look forward to my beauty drink. The taste is very pleasant and fruity! Never without!"

(Evelyn M.)

"I‘ve been using the Beauty Fountain for five months now. My typically sensitive scalp has not been as dry for the last three months. I also had psoriasis on my feet, which had spread to my nails. The nails are growing back to health."

(Tanja H.)

"The Beauty Fountain is an absolute all-round winner!!! Skin texture in the face, neck, décolleté and thighs is visibly and noticeably better! The complete metabolism and the immune system benefit greatly. The effect is enormous and noticeable after just a short time. I can only recommend this product!!!"

(Beate M.)

"I am Karin and am 51 years old. I have discovered this remedy for the beginning of skin aging and sagging skin, and it looks wonderful. The skin shines, and I also have the feeling that it is doing something to combat cellulite. Greetings from an enthusiastic Oliveda user."

(Karin B.)

"I am really excited. My complexion has become much finer. The taste inspires – you will really like the small sip. The absolute best thing for me is that I got rid of the pain in my left knee after about two weeks. I had the complaint for over 9 months. Ointments and tablets did not help. I have already taken the second bottle and can only recommend it enthusiastically."

(Martina P.)

"After 2-3 weeks, my hair and nails have become stronger, my pores are finer, the wrinkles around my eyes seem to be filled up a bit, my dry skin around my nose has improved, and my skin seems much fresher overall. I do not have as many red spots and blackheads and my dark circles are not so deep. My stomach and legs are firmer as well."

(Juliane P.)

"I have fewer shadows around my eyes."

(Astrid N.)

"I was very surprised and did not really think that the initial results would show up so fast. I always have problems with wrinkles and tired skin. I look much fresher now, and the fine lines are diminished. And that in just a few weeks!"

(Kerstin K.)

"I always had to fight with bad and oily skin. Now I have porcelain skin! No more pimples or redness!"

(Stefanie K.)

"Since I currently do not tolerate skin creams, I care for my skin with the Beauty Fountain from the inside. After three weeks, my neurodermitis-plagued skin is less dry and scaly on my face and body. The skin looks more refreshed, like after a vacation. I was pleasantly surprised by the pleasant taste compared to other artificially tasting beauty drinks."

(Michaela S.)

"I drank the beauty shot for about 2 weeks, and it is really amazing! My skin already looks finer and needs less moisture, although dryness has always been a problem! Even in the evening, my face is very soft and completely satisfied! Great product!"

(Nicole S.)

"I had large pores with tendency for blackheads, especially in my nose area and on my chin. This has visibly improved after 4 weeks. The nasal patch I use once a week removes many fewer impurities."

(Tanja H.)

"I‘m 32 now and realize that my skin has become more demanding. After a few weeks of drinking the Beauty Fountain daily, I noticed that my skin was getting firmer and more fine-pored. The impurities disappeared and my eyelashes never looked so long and full."

(Franziska H.)

"After a few days of taking, my skin profile that I was repeatedly addressing has improved so much. It is much brighter and firmer. Small inflammations heal super-fast. Even a rosacea, which several dermatologists tried unsuccessfully to address, healed completely after just 5 days. A unique product that I definitely continue to use and absolutely recommend!!!!!"


"My oily skin is much more balanced, the pores appear to me much finer, and that is after just two weeks."

(Beata Y.)

"I‘m already on the second bottle of „the Beauty Fountain“, and I have to admit that my acne-prone skin has gotten a certain glow. It looks well-moistened and finer-pored than before."

(Kerstin L.)

"I am so excited about „the Beauty Fountain“. My fingernails are finally growing – for years I tried everything possible, but nothing helped. Since I started taking the Beauty Fountain, I have neater nails, which no longer tear and break off."

(Petra U.)

"Super radiant look after just a bottle of the Beauty Fountain. Smooth, cushioned facial skin, even and absolutely healthy, refreshed, even after just a few weeks. The perfect makeover! A brilliant elixir for beauty!"

(Daniela F.)

"Great product! I was most surprised by the good taste – not at all bitter! I took Fountain prophylactically before my operation to support cell division and wound healing and can only say that it was absolutely right!"

(Tina N.)

"What has impressively improved is the area under my eyes. The bags have visibly receded. Excellent!"

(Ulrike M.)

"Just awesome. Finally found something great! My skin is firmer and more radiant. My gums are not bleeding anymore. My eyelashes are denser. I‘m happy."

(Monika N.)

"My skin shined after only 2 weeks as I did not know it before. Also, my impurities have improved after 4 weeks. Great product. Thanks for that :-)"

(Marny F.)

"I am very happy to have taken this step to order the collagen drink. Result: I have already been estimated to be 10 years younger. It is simply fantastic. What a benefit this enormously special nutritional supplement exerts on the skin. The results are simply amazing. I am absolutely one of your future regular customers."


"My skin is greatly nourished by „the Beauty Fountain“ by Oliveda. I live in Berlin and have the feeling that my skin was gray. Now it is rosier, and I look really healthy and fresh. My dark circles are also greatly diminished and have almost completely disappeared."

(Aylin H.)

"Since the end of August, I have taken my little beauty cocktail every morning. I am amazed at the results. My skin looks youthfully fresh, with no more impurities, and my very dry skin is much more balanced."

(Ulla R.)

"I have been drinking the Beauty Fountain for almost 3 weeks and am amazed that my skin is not so dry anymore. My husband says I look so relaxed in the face. I will continue to drink the Beauty Fountain and am curious what will happen next."

(Gabi F.)

"The taste is pleasant. I have a firmer skin, a fresher look, and fewer wrinkles."

(Thomas K.)

"I have been taking it for 5 weeks now, and I‘m totally excited. in spite of my age, over 50, my mixed skin still tends to blemish. Since taking this, my skin is much plumper, calmer, and with no new impurities! I will definitely stick to it. I‘m really excited."

(Gabi S.)

"Have great results after just a few weeks. My skin has much finer pores, is much more plump, and I finally got strong nails, which do not break anymore."

(Lisa D.)

"I just started the 3rd bottle. The skin is more plump overall and looks fresher. Small wrinkles are gone too!"

(Henriette E.)

"I love the Beauty Fountain, and I was able to convince my husband to try this beauty product. I think he took it first because he liked the taste. After just 1/3 of the bottle, he has already seen the effect. My husband is 76 years old and very slim, so he already had a wrinkled face. Now his skin is smoother and more elastic. Even friends noticed it and talked to him about how he did it. He will stick to it and continue to drink the Beauty Fountain."

(Sabine T.)

"I feel the taste is exotic, refreshing and aromatic. My skin somehow looks rosier, makes a healthier impression. My fingernails, which have been a bit brittle lately, look healthier now, as if they were „recovering.“

(Gergana R.)

"Dear Oliveda team, I am very excited about the elixir. After 6 weeks of use, it has become a daily routine. My skin has become softer and more even. My nails grow faster, hair loss has stopped. I also have a more even skin appearance. I will definitely continue to take it, and I‘m curious what else will happen."

(Anja D.)

"After about 3 weeks, I noticed that my skin was more even and fine-pored, somehow plumper and better moistened. Even my hair and nails grow better. Big fan of the beauty bomb and of its corrective line that has almost completely made my pigment spots disappear."

(Wiebke R.)

"I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, since beauty drinks are currently being offered on every corner. I was so surprised that 4 weeks later, my mood, my charisma and my skin started to glow. I am 30 years young and have minimal facial wrinkling. These are getting better and more minimal every day. My skin feels plumper and better hydrated, but this is also because I changed my entire care to Oliveda. I‘m just excited and curious how my skin will improve even further. My skin used to be unbalanced. Dry spots and impurities were everywhere. I could not wear make-up because half of it got stuck in the dry places. Looked silly, of course, so I did without make-up. With the elixir and the beauty series by Oliveda, I no longer need make-up because my skin has become so beautiful in a natural way. it is simply indescribable how excited I am about the brand Oliveda and the drink."

(Olga S.)

"I got to know the Beauty Fountain through my mum, had a very blemished and dry skin, and already saw a clear improvement after only a week. Even less hair loss after 2 weeks. Hair loss is due to my diet."

(Deniz B.)

"I‘ve been taking it for two weeks now and quickly realized that my skin is not so dry. Even if I forget to put on a cream, nothing bothers me. My skin is better, especially on my body."

(Karin S.)

"I am so excited about the Beauty Fountain that I have already ordered the second bottle. I got very clean skin and the skin on my legs looks firmer. The taste is excellent and the ingredients make the Beauty Fountain positive for menopause. I bought the product for my skin and was surprised by this other positive side effect."

(Alexandra B.)

"That at age 73 I have seen visible results in just 2 weeks with this wonderful drink is simply fantastic. This sophisticated composition simply reaches every body cell. My skin is visibly smoother, and my skin tone is getting rosy. I feel completely comfortable in my skin. Besides, it is a daily pleasure that I do not want to miss."

(Agnes B.)

"I have not used it for too long, but I can already see positive effects on the skin and on the psyche. My skin recovers in the morning and does not crumple so much, and the skin tone has already somewhat evened out. I have many fewer impurities, and my pores are not as noticeable. Just by taking a small shot each day, I have the feeling of sustainably strengthening my body and simply doing good for it. In addition, I find the packaging very environmentally friendly. I previously tried a lot of collagen drinks. The need to throw a small glass or plastic bottles into the trash every day is simply out of date."

(Angelika M)

"I bought the Beauty Fountain 3 weeks ago and take it regularly. My hair has thickened and shines so beautifully. I am also not as tired anymore, and I‘m more into exercise. I am born again. Is that possible?"

(Justyna F.)

"In the beginning, I was very skeptical as to whether the beauty shot of Olivia would really help, but finding something that really makes the skin look and radiate is hard to find. Something that fights cellulite at the same time and all I need to is take just a small sip? Ok, I was curious. After a week, my skin looked softer, fresher, rosier, and purer. Also firmer. I was surprised and impressed by the result. My skin looks younger, purer, and firmer. Everything that I had hoped for. After the third week, I discovered that even the appearance of cellulite is lighter. I‘m excited about the product, and all I have to do is take a sip in the morning. It is the best ever. It has never been this easy."

(Andy S.)

"I already use a lot of products from you and am totally impressed by the effect and the naturalness. Three weeks ago, I tried out it out of curiosity because I have an autoimmune disease and have broken nails. Since then, my nails are strong and do not split and break anymore. I can also keep away all colds and viruses. This product, like all the others, inspires me very much and will recommend it to all my friends."

(Monika T.)

"I have been taking the product for 3 weeks, and I was pleased to see that my stretchmarks, which were visible for almost 35 years, are almost gone. They were not bad, but they were there. The skin on my thighs is also firmer. I am delighted with the product and, like other products from Oliveda, I can only recommend it!"

(Eva S.)

"I have now the 4th bottle and will continue! My skin has become clearer, my hair and nails are growing faster, and my joints are doing well too. Has become my little morning ritual that I never want to miss. I also think it moisturizes the skin and reduces small wrinkles. I‘m almost 49, and I can say that for sure!"


"I was introduced to you at my beautician about three years ago, and I did not think anything about it. After use, however, my skin felt really „full.“ Since then, there is almost nothing else in my cabinet. I have very dry skin and love the neroli facial oil. Since using Oliveda products, I no longer the need to apply cream several times per day. Cleansing gel, serum, oil are my daily companions, and the other products I use as needed."

(Tini T.)

"I‘ve emptied my bottle, and I have to say I did not think it would work after such a short time. My skin feels plumper, my hair shines more and looks healthier. My nails are stronger. I feel fitter, especially now in the wintertime, more focused and alert with just a single daily dose. The taste is great too. It has really convinced me. I also believe it will be even more positive if you take it longer. Top!"


"I was a bit skeptical about the new trend of „beauty to drink,“ but after looking at all my nutritional supplement tablets, it made me think a bit. Actually, I believe in the effects of zinc, biotin, etc. So why not try out your Beauty Fountain? Especially since it is natural cosmetics, and I had already met polyphenols during my Italian holidays and a visit to Fattoria la vialla. So, the Beauty Fountain landed on my Christmas wish list, and I‘m completely convinced! It accompanies me every morning and my pores have finally got smaller! That had bothered me forever, and nothing before was able to improve my skin. In the cold and the heated air, the feeling of my skin is much better, and tensions have subsided. It was simply a very successful start to the new year. Furthermore, I now can see the effect on my cellulite. I am optimistic - and now convinced - that the product is everything you say it is."


"We have been drinking this great drink regularly for 3 months now! By the way, it tastes fantastic! The product definitely is everything you promised. My skin looks great, I have much finer skin and only on my face! The skin on my body has also become much finer and the softer too! However, I have been using Oliveda facial care and body care for a long time now, but the Beauty Fountain is really special! My décolleté is so taut! I am 47 years old, but my 50-year-old man takes this drink as well! You have to see his skin, especially on his face – so fine and smooth! It’s magnificent! He also thinks that drinking collagen have a great impact on his bad hip (less pain - wriggling, joint, etc.). I think that it’s great!"


"I have been taking „the Beauty Fountain“ for about 4 weeks. The reason for the purchase was that I had to deal with very dry skin for a longer period of time, which was especially noticeable in winter in the form of chapped hands. My skin feels much softer and well taken care of. Furthermore, the slight grooves in the nails have become better. What I noticed is that the scar healing process on my skin improved significantly, which of course I am very happy about :) In terms of taste, „the Beauty Fountain“, is also very pleasant. I am very happy that I am committed to the „The Beauty Fountain“, and I can only recommend it :)"

(Christoph K.)

"I‘ve been using your magic potion for over 3 weeks. I have to say that I‘m super excited. The wrinkles around my eyes are a little smaller, and I feel like the skin is getting bigger. I‘m 40, and a man at the cash register said, „maybe the young lady would like to go ahead?“ I think there‘s nothing to add – your potion works."


"I did not expect that the Beauty Fountain could be so convincing! have tested other beauty drinks and declared nonsense. So, I was skeptical when I started 6 weeks with the Beauty Fountain, but after 2 weeks, and in the Christmas stress, my skin looked plumper, and my pores have been finer since then. I feel relatively fit for the season, and it still tastes good! So, I‘m excited and I‘m waiting for even more things to happen!!!"


"After about 4 weeks, I’m definitely staying with you! 1. The taste is really pleasant for a food supplement - slightly sweet and no funny aftertaste! 2. I feel full of energy and mean that I was able to ward off a cold with it. In my environment, almost everyone else is ill. 3. In winter, my skin is now moist, no flakiness, no red spots, and a light glow-wow! 4. My fingernails have become much firmer and do not splinter anymore! All of this after a short time. I‘ve tried a lot but have not really experienced anything like this."

(Ella S.)

"Love you, to be honest I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing at first. Yes, creams, cremes, creams you know, but drink something now? In principle, I have always thought that everything starts somewhere in our midst and everything in our midst is also responsible for making us feel well. So, stomach/gut area, all that. So, I tried it, and after a bottle, I can already say that I (and not only me, but also a dear friend, and my husband) have noticed a positive change. My complexion is softer, I have many fewer pores (at least that‘s what I have seen), and most of all, my skin is not as irritated as before. I also do not have to deal with so much dryness anymore (clearly my biggest enemy). Also, I have the feeling that my nails are harder, do not break so fast, and my hair has more shine! I‘m really happy and never thought it would work so well for me. So, if you haven’t yet, you should give it a try."

(Maria K.)

"I have been drinking Beauty Fountain for three months. I was skeptical at first, because I had already tried another beauty drink, which had no effect. Beau-ty Fountain has had a tremendous positive impact on my health, body and beauty after just a few days. I can tell that my hair is growing fuller and stronger. My skin looks brighter, wrinkles are reduced, and my skin appears fuller and moister. In the winter months, I used to struggle with skin redness and even eczema. They are completely gone since I began using your fabulous beauty drink. I also see positive impacts on my nails because they look less fragile and weak. I usually catch a cold at least once during the winter months, but since I took Beauty Fountain, my cold and cough has not been seen. Unfortunately, my cellulite has not completely disappeared, but the connective tissue is noticeably firmer. All in all, I have seen a considerable rejuvenation process on the whole body. I feel more vital and just feel that this „magic potion“ does a body really well. Beauty Fountain is not too sweet (like some other beauty drinks available on the market and tastes delicious. I recommended it to my family and friends because I’m 100% convinced. I will continue to drink Beauty Fountain and can only advise everyone to try this great drink and enjoy the beautiful skin!"


"After 2 months, I can only compliment Beauty Fountain, because my skin now looks plumper, fresher, more even, more pure, fine-pored, and much younger!"

(Anja Z.)

"Since I have tried many of your products and use them regularly, I have decided to also try this new product. After only half a bottle, I could feel the first changes. I am much fitter since then. My skin also thanks you very much for your new product. My skin always tends to have impurities. Since taking Beauty Fountain, these are almost completely gone, which makes me very happy. My hair has been thicker and healthier since then. My connective tissue is also much firmer. I also realize that while others in my area are sick, but I have been very healthy. In the past, I used to sweat a lot, which has become a lot better. These are the effects that I have been able to observe so far."


"I came to know and appreciate the magic olive in Italy. That‘s why Oliveda conquered my heart. Over the past few years, I have had really bad problems with extremely dry spots on my face right, typically in the winter and indoor heating months. As a result, I decided to try the Beauty Fountain. I am absolutely thrilled, and the product honors its name! The scaly patches on the face, as well as torn mouth angles, did not happen this winter (even my colleagues mentioned it to me) and there has also been less hair loss! Since I have not changed anything else in my care routine, I am really impressed by the great effect this serum has on my body. A heartfelt thank you!"

(Luca D.)

"I recently emptied my second bottle, and I have to say, I am thrilled. I did not expect any miracles, and I approached the matter without prejudice and was not disappointed. I feel that my skin has become finer. I had problems with severe hair loss, which has now become much better. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Everyone in my circle of friends is lying flat and sick. I feel fit. Magic? I don’t think so. I think that the Beauty Fountain looks holistic, soul-well."

(Diana B.)

"Dear Oliveda team – So, I have to admit that it was a gift for me at a birthday party (it does not matter who it was ;)) Since I have always had dry skin and am slowly developing fine wrinkles. I have only been drinking it two and a half weeks, but I‘ve definitely noticed that my skin feels firmer and softer at the same time. I realize that my nails are much stronger and not so easy to break, or they do break at all. My husband, who does not really notice when I change something or simply does not notice it, recently said that my skin feels very nice."


"I have been using many of your products for some time. I started with the serum, then tried the eye and face cream, and then the mouth-pulling oil. I am always thrilled. I very often receive compliments on my great skin. Of course, I could not resist tasting the Beauty Fountain, and I have to say that after only half a bottle, I already realize that my skin has improved once again, and I have really gotten a full Oliveda glow. Let‘s see if it gets any better the longer you take it."


"I‘ve been using the Beauty Fountain for 4 weeks and feel a lot fitter and more efficient. The taste also convinces."

(Petra K.)